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About the VBS

Voluntary bonding is an incentive payment scheme that has been introduced by the Government to reward medical, midwifery and nursing graduates who agree to work in hard-to-staff areas. It is a practical initiative designed to move graduates into the communities and specialties that need them most. Parallel schemes have also been created for teachers and veterinarians.


Graduates who are part of the Scheme are eligible for incentive payments intended to help repay their student loans for up to five years. Combined with compulsory student loan deductions from the graduate’s income, this will give individuals a significant boost in repaying their student loans.


Voluntary Bonding Scheme Information


Click any of the links below to download the document that interests you

Voluntary Bonding Scheme - Medical [PDF document: size: 31 KB]

Voluntary Bonding Scheme - Nursing [PDF document: size: 29 KB]

Voluntary Bonding Scheme - Midwifery [PDF document: size: 30 KB]


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