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Corporate and support staff look after patients with computers, strategy and business acumen, not stethoscopes, scalpels and needles.


"Ko tau rourou, ko taku rourou, ka ora ai te iwi"

 With your contribution and my contribution we will be better able to serve the people


Our corporate and support services are working hard to be the New Zealand centre of excellence for rural health services.


It is an exciting time to be working here. We are revolutionising how health care is provided on the Coast – using modern technology and innovative systems to address the challenges of isolation and a small population in a large area, to deliver a health service that is clinically and financially viable.


 Corporate roles have a major part to play in the vision for change; whether it is the creation of better, more efficient systems; finding ways to make the dollar go further; planning new facilities; developing models of care or administrative support.


How can you contribute?

  •  You can use your financial planning, accounting, budgeting and cost management skills to improve patient care and save lives. (Finance)
  • You can use your people skills to make sure we have the right staff in the right job, that staff are supported, and continually extending their thinking, their teams and themselves. (Human Resources)
  • You can use your strategic and business skills to plan health services, budget and allocate funding, monitor and evaluate service provision. (Planning and Funding)

  • You can use your listening, negotiation, decision making and leadership skills to drive sustainable change (Management)
  • You can use your clinical experience to provide effective clinical leadership and direction, contributing to the development and achievement of DHB goals and the quality of healthcare. (Nursing, Midwifery and Medical)
  • You can use your mana to provide advice on all things Maori (Maori Health)
  • You can use your administration skills to ensure the smooth running of the organisation (Administration)

 If variety is the spice of life, then our corporate roles are full of flavour. You will need to be versatile and a great multi-tasker, and in return you will be part of a close supportive community. Coasters are highly parochial but also fiercely loyal to people who they see as wanting to commit to the Coast and contribute to the wellbeing of its residents.


 Your Corporate career need not be confined to the West Coast - our close collaboration with Canterbury DHB means career paths can include Canterbury as well as the West Coast, providing work experience on both sides of the Southern Alps.


We have a strong commitment to professional development. The professional development programme uses both in-house trainers and experts in various fields brought to the Coast; plus ongoing opportunities to travel for professional development elsewhere, especially via the Trans-alpine partnership with Canterbury.


If this sounds like heaven (which we think it does) – then check out our jobs – and use your skills to make a real contribution to a real community.






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