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Tired of the same old same old? Are you ready for a challenge?


Are you ready for a professional challenge?


We employ the full range of Allied Health professionals including Occupational Therapists, Speech Language Therapists, Physiotherapists, Social Workers, Dietitians, Pharmacists and Kaiawhina/Allied Health Assistants.


Working on the West Coast means working at the top of your scope, broadening your range of skills - you need to be confident and comfortable with assessing whoever comes through the door – from newborn to care of the elderly. You will develop specialist skills in generalism – with support from your specialist colleagues in the Canterbury DHB.


The West Coast covers a large geographical area which provides opportunity to extend your clinical practice while engaging with the community in various locations including health centres, hospitals, community centres, homes and via videoconferencing facilities.


The West Coast DHB is supportive of professional development and career growth. With the increase of online training programmes, webinars and study days there is ample opportunity to for continuing education and connecting with colleagues in other centres.


This is one place where you get an excellent grounding with opportunities to work within general medicine, general surgery, mental health, womens’ health, paediatrics and AT&R in both primary, secondary and community settings. You get to use the breadth of your skills – maintaining your professional knowledge and competence in all areas. It is very exciting to be working on the West Coast with significant autonomy and responsibility, plus being able to identify community need and do something about it.


Being part of a close-knit community definitely has its benefits - you get to be part of patients’ journeys throughout the whole health system – which is very rewarding – you can see quality of life improve for the patients, their families and even the community.


If you think you are ready for this – then we are ready for you too.


Not registered in New Zealand but want to be part of our team.

Check it out..........

Occupational Therapy - www.otboard.org.nz/

Speech Language Therapy - www.speechtherapy.org.nz/

Physiotherapy - http://physioboard.org.nz/

Pharmacy - www.pharmacycouncil.org.nz/

Social Work - http://www.swrb.govt.nz/

Dietitians - www.dietitiansboard.org.nz


Interested in becoming a Kaiawhina/Allied Health Assistant

Learn more at https://www.careerforce.org.nz/our_sectors/healthcare-services/



Not the same old, same old
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