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Are you an experienced Registered Nurse?


Ever considered rural nursing?


If you have a hankering for something different why not sample what we have to offer.



We have a range of permanent and shorter term positions and a huge breadth of professional scope.


Our team will tell you as a Nurse on the West Coast, no one day is the same. We continually look for innovative ways to provide care to the people of the West Coast region – region that is vast and geographically diverse. You’ll work to the full extent of your scope and there will always be opportunities to broaden your practice further if that’s what interests you.


We would love to find out more about what you are looking for.  Get in touch with Charlotte or Steph, our Specialist Nursing Recruiters - you never know, the perfect role could be waiting for you here on the West Coast.


Steph: +64 3 3 337 7961;



Graduate Nurses
Nursing Entry to Practice Programme (NetP)

Each year the West Coast DHB welcomes a number of nursing graduates through New Zealand's Nursing Entry to Practice Programme (NetP).


The Canterbury and West Coast District Health Boards have a joint Regional NetP Team that coordinates the programme.


Check out more about NETP here




Here at the West Coast DHB we really do have it all


Hospital based general nursing at Grey Hospital is where you’ll gain a broad overview of health on the Coast and work across all areas of the hospital.


We have a wide range of services including a comprehensive Mental Health service including inpatient and community, and acute, rehabilitation, child and family, and alcohol and drug services.


As a member of our district nursing team you’ll provide follow up care from GP practices and post discharge from hospital services. You will provide continuity between primary practice, patient and specialist hospital services.


Our rural nurse specialists work in our most remote areas providing care for the community in collaboration with a GP. Together they are the first responder for any emergencies in the district.


As a rural nurse you know you are integral to your community. You’ll be able to identify community needs and do something about them. You’ll get very broad experience, building your skills and knowledge, giving you the confidence to manage any situation.


Whichever role you choose you’ll be part of a great team on the Coast but also work in close collaboration with colleagues at the Canterbury DHB. Your professional development is ensured by Nurse Educators working with the Canterbury Professional Development Unit and providing training, maintenance of core competencies and educational support. You’ll be equipped to progress your career in whichever direction you choose.


New Zealand’s West Coast is a great place to
further your career.


The work is as varied as the scenery, which attracts visitors year round from all over the world. On your doorstep is the landscape others pay tens of thousands to experience.


It’s all yours on the coast, along with top rate professional development opportunities, colleagues who share the straight-shooting, no nonsense approach of the locals, and a community that truly values its health workers.



Not the same old, same old
careers available here...








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