Join us on the West Coast as part of our Rural Hospital Medicine Training Program based at Grey Base Hospital.

We are really passionate and dedicated to make Grey Base Hospital a training centre for rural health, and you can be part of this.


The academic content of the programme is delivered by the University of Otago.


The Rural Hospital Medicine Training Programme is four years long. There is a large emphasis on recognition of prior learning and experience and many registrars apply to have this acknowledged with the result that their programme is shortened.


Training in general practice alongside rural hospital medicine is popular, as these two vocational training programmes can be completed concurrently within a four-year period.


We have two accredited posts on offer for each six month block of the next academic year.

These are a six month rural hospital medicine position, based around our Emergency Department, the front door of our hospital seeing about 14,000 presentations a year, as well as providing care for the whole Grey Hospital; and a six month General Medicine run, providing inpatient and outpatient general medicine services. And when we say general medicine that's what we mean - the breadth of what comes through the door at Grey Hospital will give you exposure to the full range of what you need to know during your time with us.


We are keen to hear from Rural Hospital Medicine Registrars wanting to join us for six or twelve months. If you are interested in Rural Hospital Medicine training but have missed the date for applying to the training programme this year, don’t worry – we are so committed to increase our pool of rural hospital medicine trained doctors that we will consider applications from doctors not on the programme, and fully fund the role ourselves. As the posts are accredited by the Division of Rural Hospital Medicine, you can apply for recognition of prior learning for this experience and it may be counted towards Rural Hospital Medicine training. It will also give you the opportunity to see if this role suits you.


Are you a GPEP 2 or 3 registrar looking to do your six months in a hospital role? Give us a call!


The specialty of rural hospital generalism requires a broad base of experience in large and small hospitals and in general practice. In order to assist you to choose relevant experience that meets both the requirements of the programme and your learning needs, you are allocated an Educational Facilitator (EF) as a mentor and guide. Your EF is a Fellow in the specialty of rural hospital generalism and is usually based in your region. For each run that you undertake, you also have a rotational supervisor who works alongside you in clinical practice.


We are also extending the range of posts we can provide, both here, in Westport and in Canterbury, and we offer rural General Practice training at GPEP 1, 2 and 3 levels across the West Coast. So we can be a base from which you can complete your Rural Hospital Medicine training as well - whether you are aiming to be vocationally trained in Rural Hospital Medicine alone or as a dual fellowship with Rural General Practice.


Dr Anu Shinnamon was part of a pioneering group of colleagues who tested the Rural Hospital Medicine pilot in 2009 and the GP/Rural Hospital Medicine training in 2010 – read what she has to say about it.

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